Currently managing Product Design and Advisor roles via ArrowHeart Consulting, serving B2B, Consumer and Socially-focused or Non-profit startups. Available to discuss FT or contract roles.

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Below, you will find a few case studies showcasing end-to-end design work for B2B and Consumer services in FinTech, Marketing, News and Productivity.

If it's just the visual stuff you're after, check out interfaces and branding.




Passive Micro Payments

Tipper enables tiny digital payments to move passively between consenting parties, like content publishers and consumers. I led the Product Design from concept through shipped application for the iOS and Web presence, partnering with an EIR who led infrastructure design and build for security and payments. 



Content Marketing for Brands

Create!t approached me with a need to re-program their product for better traction with media partners. With several years experience helping build such solutions at Facebook, I worked with Create!t to plan, design and build a new product suite and supporting market strategy, narrative and positioning. 



The Daily Best of Twitter

Shed your FOMO and get the best articles from Twitter without checking your stream. FOMO uses Twitter's API to source and rank a daily curation of articles in Tech, Sports and Finance. I owned the design of FOMO from concept through shipped MVP on web, including the API system to source content and custom filtering algorithms.



Voice-Dictated Notes

Voice Notes was born out of a need for a better note taking on the go. Evernote provides an excellent solution on desktop but the note creation process on mobile leaves plenty to be optimized in light of strong voice-to-text services. I took this project from Concept through fully-functional prototype.