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Good Spec Writing

Crystallization of Product Thinking

Thematic of Company Vision

Indicative of Responsibility

Succinct on Purpose

Detailed in Function

Pleasurable to Read

I've always loved to write thoughtfully, draw descriptively and communicate visually, so it was my great delight to discover that these functions are extremely valuable to teams developing products through shared vision and ideas.

Over the past 10 years, I've authored hundreds of "docs" that act as core components of product development and strategy. I've benefited from working alongside the best in the world and soaked in the guidance from our industry thought-leaders who share generously.

If I have a definitive strength and style of spec writing, it is that my content ensures the presence of context and strategy, leans significantly on visual communication, and is penned w/ a charm that proves engaging while many other docs tend to feel dry.

You're asking stakeholders to continuously huddle around a digital collection of work. Don't make it a pain in the a$$ to review. Product Specs should feel functional and fun!