Sharing GIFs with 350M People

Owned consumer product initiatives directed at user growth and engagement, helping Tenor amass over 350M MAUs and 12B monthly searches. Owned strategy and execution of Official Brand Partnership growth from zero to several thousand by March of 2018, when Google acquired Tenor to grow their GIF network products.

Tenor's use case, user base, and competitive landscape presented strategic opportunities build value through multi-sided networks (users and brands). Below are a few examples of projects owned across Web, iOS and Android.



Creator Pages

Millions of Tenor GIFs are shared everyday, exposing branded content to 100s of millions of consumers in their most intimate stream: Messages.

Quantifying and attributing this value to official owners is crucial to Tenor's monetization strategy, so nurturing official partners was a high priority.

🛠 Opportunity

Brands weren’t officially associated with content in Tenor’s product architecture, so we couldn't attribute value.

💎  Significance

Attribution of content ownership quantifies the ROI for brands on Tenor’s platform.

🚀  Solution

Design a home for brand identities, support content ownership and facilitate partner adoption.


Upload Flow

The lifeblood of Tenor's content library supported only one set of tags for content Creators. This just wouldn't do.

Multi-Object Tagging

By redesigning the experience to support Multi-Object Tagging, we're able to boost quality uploads and tags used in search.

🚀  Solution

  • Object-field hierarchies
  • Tagging logic
  • Typeahead database
  • Add to all operator 




Keyboard Packs

phone copy.png

Getting users to right GIF quickly is our primary metric on iOS where users are sharing GIFs directly in iMessage threads.

Nested Navigation

By designing a horizontal tokenized filtering system within the iOS Keyboard, we managed an intuitive and effective design that allowed nested layers of navigation.

Caption Feature

Captioning GIFs helps users express themselves more personally, but the current Caption experience had a worrisome bounce rate of 33%

By re-designing the experience with simplified, intuitive controls, we were able decrease bounce rates to less than 5%.

Captioning overall grew among new and repeat users as our most-adopted customization feature.